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About Us 

RED’s sole aim is to help people move between organisations and make the process as quick and easy as possible. We’ve been recruiting SAP professionals successfully for over 16 years, so we know how important it is to hire the right people, but also how crucial it is to ensure the fit is right for both the client and candidate. 

Our purpose:

  • Build lasting relationships that matter

  • Present a first class understanding of the needs and wants of the client or candidate

  • Deliver expertise and sophistication throughout the recruitment process

RED embodies these standards and implements them into our internal recruitment brand, Work for RED.

We want to be proud of the work we produce and the people we employ. As one of our employees, you are the face of RED.  People are at the heart of everything we do, which is why we want to hire those who live and breathe our company culture and uphold our standards. 

The Nice Stuff

It goes without saying that we pay competitive base salaries. When it comes to the commission, we don't have a threshold so you earn on every penny you bill. There's more but you need to speak to us to find out!

Here at RED, we firmly believe that one size doesn't fit all, so we have built tailor-made benefit and incentive packages for each country we operate in made up from the following:

  • Birthday day off 40cc1a8cd93c6c7eef7073eb71e997666f63d4a3409da9e9e579c189304d6f38
  • Moving day off bfdb85d207b913f3842a4e219fad83c9cd244122dc9966dcd6703001d06972ed
  • Marriage day off 1b81276dc0b19edb776f42d653c2db27fa0594dbbf5dde6a363c212c3bbda5bb
  • Donuts payday 1fae6f2d79601fb2cdd4bcee780779fc5964b843c651a3b80a615de1efd93835
  • Earning potential fa30b9fa4ee1a7d660e669f2935e26966098a333baa2629fa8c7c6d2fa065247
  • Charity day e68ef493979d70cd943f6bb9a207f1408c825d9a8eab75a6c971f1f807cc2faf
  • Cafe serrano 89f349614dc2137151d20529ed9e8a366c756bada48def7b70a8afce40c92f33
  • Flex time a0073c6a65f0dbe6592fb3c8322f2fbcce2c4f0a3e0f4124ec83185f75400eb4
  • Friday beers be668ebc0ca37e1964151f28925bba24dcd406f535023b480cb4a68b2b527a9f
  • Personal learning day e1578f12a4860530bb235a5e110ae96a1ac5f58dd6027ac1ea0e18e297bc3d39
  • Lux watch incentive b6eedf0f174cfc6baa8daf688ce3b5b08b220d184544cf7713a20aae6b6f43b0
  • Table fooball bdb802358c22139ea1742172623d588e93d2030eca3dd4044e48c74a26b58439
  • Payday bagel 5470d20c94c606cba72f297eafc3744b9f73acc03eb1d0f926c96578cd66436a
  • Suit incentive a03a25b3970ee4b1391a4b1060fe68b6c0c487bb1196d82ff5410866dac78282
  • Directors club fe8f3ba4cf1418bb2d19f06f73dad7414d9d4b16bc0d7b0b3cfad26a8c683f21
  • International relocation b24bad61481dab358045d20aae0f7b15f6b429b7d7c55443257324338614059b
  • Comapny trips 43647e4c350f260f7aa0cfa51259689d7980180217e5d51cc9622aefb8a75bd4

The RED Structure

The RED Structure Operations - Facilities Operations - Technology Operations - Marketing Operations - Finance Operations - Legal Operations - HR Business Development Gobal Accounts Permanent Contract


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Training and Development

People are at the heart of everything that we do here at RED, which means we are committed to providing the best training, development and progression opportunities in our industry and beyond.​ Discover RED's training programme here.

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