Life Sciences

RED is the trusted partner to the global Life Sciences industry and SAP SE

RED works with organisations of all sizes and has placed more than 1,000 SAP consultants into global Life Sciences companies. Whether contract (independent SAP experts) or permanent (employed SAP experts), RED is leading the way in the provision of SAP Life Sciences resources.

Life Sciences Associate Scheme

Dedicated to the Life Sciences industry, this innovative scheme is designed to highlight, promote and support freelance SAP consultants in their day-to-day and longer-term entrepreneurial activities.

Fostering the SAP Life Sciences community through the exchange of industry knowledge, news and experience, RED looks to build a world where your career is led by purpose. Through white papers and social channels, RED reaches thousands of clients and peers, helping to grow their visibility and influence the SAP space.

Share your Life Science experience with your peers through RED Life Science.