ETL Developer

Location: Lithuania Salary: €350 - €400 per day
Sector: Consultancy Type: Contract
Reference #: CR/072170_1593679836

ETL Developer / Lithuania (Remote during pandemic) / 6 months / Start ASAP

Job Description:

We are looking to hire a highly skilled ETL Developer to design and fill a bespoke data warehousing environment for our company. Your duties will include consulting with the data management team, reviewing the storage needs of the company, creating a refined data-warehousing environment, extracting data from company servers, filling the new warehousing system, and testing the environment upon completion. To ensure success as an ETL Developer, you should have extensive knowledge of coding languages and warehouse architecture, be able to see the big picture of a company's data needs, and be able to clearly communicate your ideas to the company. Ultimately, a top-level ETL Developer can create a highly efficient and customised warehouse environment that perfectly suits the data storage needs of the company.


Consulting with data management teams to get a big-picture idea of the company's data storage needs. Presenting the company with warehousing options based on their storage needs. Designing and coding the data warehousing system to desired company specifications. Conducting preliminary testing of the warehousing environment before data is extracted. Extracting company data and transferring it into the new warehousing environment. Testing the new storage system once all the data has been transferred. Troubleshooting any issues that may arise. Providing maintenance support.


Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Information Technology, or related field. Extensive knowledge of coding languages including Java, XML, and SQL. Proficiency in warehousing architecture techniques including MOLAP, ROLAP, ODS, DM, and EDW. Proven work experience as an ETL Developer. Strong project management skills. Ability to analyse a company's big-picture data needs. Clear communication skills. Ability to troubleshoot and solve complex technical problems.


* Bachelor's degree in Computer Science or IT
* Java
* Proficiency in warehousing architecture techniques
* DM
* Work experience as an ETL Developer
* Project management skills