Networking during COVID-19

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The current global crisis has brought immediate change to personal and professional lives.

With many now out of work because of the crisis, there is a challenging journey ahead. Finding a role during and after this pandemic is going to take a lot of hard work and determination. For many sectors, we have seen a shift from candidate-led to client-led. 

If you want to stay relevant, in-demand and ahead of your competition, networking is now more important than ever before.

Once life resumes a sense of normality, if you have invested time and effort into networking, you may find the route back into work much easier.

Here are our top tips for epic networking that will keep you one step ahead.

1. Leverage LinkedIn

Make it easy for SAP recruiters to find you on LinkedIn. Good recruiters will be on LinkedIn daily, searching for the right candidates for their live roles and also building relationships for future roles. If you didn’t have time to update your profile before, now is your chance to go through it thoroughly.

Update your latest experience and professional achievements, using keywords you want recruiters to find you by.

If you’re actively looking for a new role, ensure you let recruiters know by displaying ‘Open to new opportunities’ at the top of your profile. Pay close attention to the skills section as that’s one of the first things recruiters will look at.

Ask previous colleagues/industry peers for LinkedIn recommendations as this demonstrates your skills to potential recruiters viewing your profile. Ensure you reciprocate and write references to your referees as well, as this is a great way to cultivate your professional relationships.

2. Online networking platforms

Attending industry networking events has always been a great way of creating the right connections for furthering your career prospects. But how do you broaden your network when meeting other professionals in-person is no longer an option?

By embracing the power of online networking.

Give Google a go and find SAP interest groups where you can participate in discussions, contribute content and share your experience. Find groups for your specific module of expertise, if possible. For example, if you specialise in FICO, look up SAP FICO Consultants (it has nearly 30,000 members) and start participating in the online community.

Starting a blog or contributing content to existing blogs in your field is also a powerful way to share your knowledge and prove yourself as an expert in your SAP field.

You can use your LinkedIn profile as a platform for sharing your original content with your network which might get shared, ultimately giving you exposure to relevant connections.

Follow RED on LinkedIn as we often have interesting blogs and links to relevant SAP jobs.

3. Touch base with old colleagues

This is a good time to get in touch with previous colleagues and find out how they are doing and what opportunities may be out there. With most people working from home, and many in isolation, they may appreciate the contact.

If you’re looking for a new role, mention your situation. They are the people that know you and your work ethic and can vouch for you when they hear about relevant opportunities, be it at your former employer or their wider network.

4. Virtual events

Luckily, we live in a digital world. During this crisis, many companies have taken their events online. Meet some of the best professionals in your industry from the comfort of your own home which could result in new career opportunities.

  • Take advantage of webinars to learn insights from top organisations in your field and meet like-minded people interested in the same issues.
  • Register for virtual conferences, such as SAP’s SAPPHIRE Reimagined and learn about the latest developments in SAP.
  • Take part in virtual roundtables, discussing issues at the top of your agenda and meeting some of the leading experts in your industry.

SAP offers countless online events for professional development, knowledge sharing and general networking on an international level. Get involved to learn valuable insights into how others in SAP are dealing with the current situation, and to make key connections to help you advance your SAP career. Visit the SAP Community Events page for detailed information on the upcoming virtual events.

5. Reach out to recruiters

Looking for a new role during this pandemic is no easy task. With so much competition out there, simply applying to vacancies online isn’t going to be sufficient. This is why networking with recruiters now is more crucial than ever before. If you have a relationship with a reputable recruiter that specialises in your field,  they will work with you to help you secure your next role. Find more detailed advice in our blog on how to choose the best recruitment agency.

RED has over 20 years’ experience matching industry-leading SAP professionals with some of the best SAP opportunities in the market. Our clients are still actively hiring SAP consultants so reach out today to find your next role. Check out our blog on how to impress in a video interview


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