REFX Principal Consultant

Location: Taiwan Salary: US$400 - US$490 per day
Sector: IT Service Provider Type: Contract
Reference #: CR/067694_1579528264

This is 25-50% on-site role. This would be roles & responsibilities:

1. Help the maintenance operation team, build and implement a maintenance system with key users at different level. In order to gradually reduce maintenance costs.

2. Maintenance operations shall ensure the normal operation of the existing system processes and functions, troubleshooting, coaching training and technology transfer.

3. The existing system refers to the SAP service contract purchase order and the scope of its previous supplementary agreement, regardless of whether the acceptance has been completed, tested by the user,
-or On-line; including the original system functions, functions within the scope of the contract, the custom items mentioned in the blueprint file that belong to the scope of the SAP system and have been specified in the supplementary agreement between the two parties.

4. Need to provide follow-up support to key users and information personnel to assist users in performing business transactions required by the work to make business run smoothly.

5. Assist system error resolution and troubleshooting, whether it is human error or system bug.

6. According to the agreed principle, consultants will be on site to support (onsite), and during the onsite period, according to the actual needs, arrange the demonstration and training of the corresponding information personnel on the existing system functions to assist the technology transfer.