JNC’s Core Services

JNC’s Core Services

SAP License Audit Simulation

An accurate enterprise wide view of your SAP licensing and compliancy position. Our methodology replicates SAP’s own SAP License Audit methodology and helps identify and quantify licensing and compliancy risk giving your business the insight and support it needs to get compliant and avoid costly and unexpected license fees

SAP Licensing HealthCheck

An SAP Licensing HealthCheck involves analysing a limited number of SAP systems to determine the accuracy of SAP License Management, User Administration and User Classification. This snapshot highlights risks that could be contributing to a higher demand for licensing is required and possible non-compliancy in terms of the number of active user ID’s being licensed and the under or over assignment of licenses to named-users. Provides assurance or a business case for a full audit simulation

SAP License Audit Defence

A targeted evaluation of SAP contracts and software usage in response to an under-licensing claim or license audit, carried out with a view to proving compliant usage. Using our expert knowledge, we get to the bottom of what you actually owe, if anything, providing the information and response strategy required to make an effective defence to non-compliancy claims.

SAP License Audit Preparation

JNC measure and optimise software utilization across your entire SAP landscape ensuring you arrive at a known position of compliancy in advance of the audit. By optimizing software utilization and license management we minimise exposure allowing your business to license up compliantly in advance of the audit retaining discounts, avoiding back-dated maintenance and avoiding large and unexpected license fees.

Preparation for SAP Annual Measurement

Preparation for SAP Annual Measurement involves outsourcing the preparation effort to JNC. We ensure all installations and systems are technically optimized for measurement ensuring accuracy of the results. We also perform clean-up activities to eradicate false demand measurement and advice clients of any licensing shortfall that should be remediated pre-submission. This process ensures client are in control of their SAP licensing and compliancy position instead waiting for and receiving unexpected true-ups.

SAP Entitlement Review

A quick way to an expert opinion of your SAP software entitlements through a targeted review of the SAP software contracts relevant to the query. This may be performed in support of a discussion with or query from SAP, or in planning potential software deployments ensuring you have adequate licensing entitlement to support those plans.

SAP Entitlement Benchmarking

JNC perform a full contract review accurately cataloguing SAP licensing entitlement in a SAP Bill-of-Materials. All license assets are classified into 7 key license asset management groups giving you a clear view of potential enterprise level license optimization strategies. We consult on SAP roadmap and product strategy to determine a number of potential deal negotiation and optimization strategies.

SAP Contract Review

JNC perform a full contract review accurately cataloguing SAP licensing entitlement in a SAP Bill-of-Materials. The process results in the BoM as the main deliverable with a report highlighting compliancy risk and issues, as well as potential opportunities, and follow on actions to improve licensing and compliancy. An accurately constructed and up-to-date BoM is the corner stone of compliance software licensing in any SAP organization.

SAP Named-User License Optimization

Optimization of SAP named-user licensing goes far deeper that user re-classification. Optimization involves deep-dive analysis of SAP roles, authorizations and usage data, resulting in the identification of redundant user provisions. These can then be cleaned up to limit unnecessary authorization resulting in the need to a higher license type and the ultimate re-assignment the cheapest available optimal named-user license type to all named-users.

Optimization Discovery

Optimization Discovery involves the analysis of a limited cross-section of named-user population. The results are provided in terms of the number/% of users who could be optimized, the pre-optimization and post-optimization named-user license measurement, and the difference between the value of the licenses pre and post optimization. Provides the business case for a full License Optimization project.

"JNC have significant knowledge regarding the SAP licensing process. We were able to avoid approximately $3 mil USD in unplanned license costs for our company."

"JNC Consultancy was instrumental in negotiating with SAP on our company’s behalf. Without the assistance of JNC, we would have been required to pay substantially more in additional license fees to SAP as a result of a license audit."