Founded in 1999 by a group of SAP Technology Consultants, Mandant is the UK’s leading SAP Technology Specialist with unprecedented experience in delivering SAP Technology to some of the largest and most complex SAP implementations in the UK. Mandant’s expertise and experience cover all aspects of SAP Technology but with a specific focus on SAP Architecture and SAP Business Integration Technology. Mandant are only UK SAP Partner with SAP Recognised Expertise certification in Business Process Management and Integration.

Mandant’s MATRIX SAP Cloud Integration Platform is a fully managed service which seamlessly connects on-premise and cloud SAP applications with business partners, cloud applications and almost any other application. Built from the ground up on SAP HANA technology, it enables businesses to integrate more quickly and cost effectively, providing real-time information on critical business processes, giving businesses greater flexibility to adopt new services and applications.

Mandant offer a variety of workshops with different objectives. The workshops are designed to help customers understand how the integration of Business Processes can empower their businesses to extend beyond current boundaries; to ensure existing SAP Integration landscape is running and performing optimally; to help customers determine a strategy which fits their business and offers all the potential for growth you will need in the future. Mandant help customers understand SAP’s strategic direction and SAP’s new products and technology, and specifically how this translates to their own current landscape and future direction.

To find out more about Mandant's MATRIX SAP Cloud Integration Platform, or the variety of workshops they deliver, please contact us here.