JNC Consulting specialises in SAP Licence Management & Optimisation, Authorisations and GRC. JNC performs security and compliance projects for some of the largest organisations in the world running SAP.

The JNC consulting team includes the global leads and experts from several ‘Big 4’ management consultancies, and from SAP themselves. JNC consultants have delivered over 100 engagements, for government, public sector, SME, and global enterprise scale organisations across all continents and have saved their clients more than £500m during the past decade.

JNC deliver Advisory and Implementation services to address customers SAP licensing challenges and build a clear picture of the way customers are using SAP. The SAP Authorisation concept, one of JNC´s key service offerings, helps customers understand their existing authorisation concepts and perform remedial actions on these to ensure compliance with their authorisations strategy. JNC propose a strategy for optimising their licence landscape and help to optimise their existing ruleset(s) to ensure risks are accurately monitoring SAP access controls to reduce any false reporting.

For more information about JNC, please follow this check out their overview brochure here. To find out how JNC can save you time and money on SAP licensing, please contact us here

Cooperation between RED and JNC

On Wednesday, 22nd March 2017, RED co-hosted a webinar with JNC on SAP Indirect Access Licensing. You will find the presentation, questions and answers here. For further information on JNC´s Indirect Access Services, please follow this link to the JNC Indirect Access Services Brochure.