RED earns TOP EMPLOYER status in Germany

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RED is thrilled to have been awarded the prestigious TOP JOB – Top Employer accreditation.

You can see the video of the awards ceremony here

Source: zeag GmbH

TOP JOB Top Employer accreditation, developed by Zentrum für Arbeitgeberattraktivität (zeag GmbH), recognises quality-conscious companies that are consistently committed to a vital and sustainable workplace culture.

By engaging with employees directly, TOP JOB independently audits organisations against six key criteria; leadership and vision, motivation and dynamics, culture and communication, employee development and perspective, family orientation and demographics and internal entrepreneurship.

On 23rd February 2018, Germany´s former economics minister Wolfgang Clement awarded RED Top Employer status among medium-sized companies in Germany and praised the SAP recruiter for its exemplary human resources work.

"We see ourselves as the largest provider of SAP staffing solutions and feel confirmed in our work by this award", says Florian Petersen, Head of Perm Germany.

"At the same time, we derive measures for improvement to remain competitive and increase both our employer attractiveness and corporate performance”, continues Petersen.

Founded on the threshold of the new millennium RED quickly became a leading SAP recruiter. Headquartered in London and with German locations in Cologne, Frankfurt / M. and Munich, RED mediates and accompanies specialists in permanent employment and on a contract basis for systems of the Walldorf-based software group. Now, RED has catapulted into the ranking of the best employers in the German mid-market and was certified a high level of job satisfaction.

“This award reinforces the strength of our corporate culture and employer brand, WorkForRED. Entrepreneurial success requires not only clever and diligent minds, but also satisfied ones”, says Yasemin Demir, Recruitment Manager for DACH.

“That's why the leadership management has developed a bonus program. For example, all offices are equipped with table football and pool tables. Among the various team-building activities there is the "Director’s Club" as well as multi-day summer and winter trips for those employees who really stood out and have exceeded their targets”, continues Demir.

When designing work processes, RED strives to meet the personal needs of its employees. Flexible working hours are just as possible as working from home. Career goals are set individually, based on a personal development plan and employees have options for workshops and training; getting time off to not only support training but also for personal CSR initiatives.

Take a look at WorkForRed for more information on what it’s like to work for RED, or if you’re in a career, get in touch with our internal team today by emailing

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